The concept is “Tennen (Natural)”.

The concept of Michi-no-eki (roadside rest area), Yotte Nishi-Tosa, is “Tennen (Natural)”
“Tennen (Natural)” which means “Chi”, local products.
The vegetables that our agricultural producers harvest, starting by developing good soil, are all natural.
Cakes made from those vegetables are also natural.
We provide wild sweetfish, freshwater eel, freshwater crab (Eriocheir japonicus) and freshwater shrimp,
staying true to the natural concept and all caught fresh from the Shimanto River.

Our roadside rest area, Yotte Nishi-Tosa, is situated in the west regions of Kochi Prefecture on Shikoku. We are in the mountain area near the prefectural border between Kochi and Ehime prefectures. The famous Shimanto River runs through the area. Shimanto River has an astounding 22 settlement bridges that are submerged during floods and are only wide enough for a small truck to pass. These bridges, prominent in this area, have no railings and are made of concrete and stone but are still an important part of everyday life in Nishi-Tosa. Wild ayu (sweetfish) is famous here. Coal handmade by the locals is used to slowly grill the fish. Freshwater eel is also famous here. While being cooked on the fire made over handmade coal, it gradually shrinks. We also have freshwater prawn here, in addition to good sake. Nishi-Tosa holds many more “tennen(natural)” products awaiting you.

Drop by our Michi-no-eki (roadside rest area)!
We await your visit to Nishi-Tosa!

道の駅よって西土佐 駅長 林 大介

Facility Information

Mizumizushii Market

Mizumizushii Market

Hours of operation: 7:30~18:00
FAX: 0880-52-2413

At our Mizumizushii Market, we sell seasonal vegetables harvested by the local farmers of Nishi-Tosa. In addition to fresh produce, miso, herbs and cooked foods can also be purchased outside.
From produce of the season to traditional cuisines, our handmade local foods and many boxed lunches (bento) are popular as well.
We also sell souvenirs.

Nishi-Tosa Diner

Nishi-Tosa Diner

Hours of operation: 11:00~15:00
FAX: 0880-52-2413

Enjoy the local lunches of Nishi-Tosa.

We provide lunch menus with an array of side dishes of local produce and other foods in season. Please choose whatever dish you like to enjoy and get a delicious glimpse the local everyday lunch.

Ayu Market

Ayu Market

Hours of operation:8:30~17:00
(ayu cooking demonstration and sales from10:00~15:00)

Shop for wild ayu (sweet fish), freshwater eel, freshwater shrimp and freshwater crab (Eriocheir japonicus). Anyone can purchase these natural products from the Shimanto River.
Official Nishi-Tosa Ayu Market Homepage

Strawveil SANKANYA

Strawveil SANKANYA

Hours of operation:10:00~17:00

A pastery shop/café selling delicious cakes made from seasonal ingredients of Shimanto and Nishi-Tosa. Local ingredients are used in all our cakes and sweets.

Bicycle Rental Information

Let’s enjoy cycling through the nature of Shimanto!
Yotte Nishi-Tosa provides settlement bridge maps for bikers.
City bicycles (not mountain bikes) / 26-inch:

Rental fee One day rental: \1,500/ bike(8:30 ~ 17:00)
24-hour rental: \2,000/ bike (within 24 hours from the time of rental)
One-way Not permitted: bikes must be returned to the original rental spot

*Rental fees are paid in advance.
*No refunds after renting a bike.
*In the case of lost keys, a payment of \500/key is required.
*In the case of a bike not being returned on time, a payment of \500/hour is required.



Visitors arriving by car
From Matsuyama: approximately 2 hours by Route 381
From Kochi: approximately 2.5 hours by Route 381
From Shimanto-shi Nakamura: approximately 1 hour by Route 441
Visitors arriving by train
From JR Uwajima Station: approximately 1 hour
From JR Kochi Station: approximately 2 hours